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Get quick access to qualified clinicians and support staff for the managed care industry. Our national network of healthcare professionals includes registered nurses, community healthcare workers, social workers, physicians, non-clinical support, and pharmacists. For your convenience, Grace clinicians are available to work on a consulting, permanent, temp to permanent, or per diem basis.

With Grace Care Consulting, it has never been easier, or more cost-effective, to deliver quality services to your member population. Tap into our national network of qualified clinicians and support staff today.

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Grace is the quality of being poised, elegant, and dignified. It is characterized by kindness, compassion, and generosity, and is a natural, effortless beauty and ease that comes from within. Grace is not about perfection, but about accepting and embracing one’s imperfections and moving through the world with dignity and poise. It is the ability to carry oneself with confidence and kindness, and to exude a sense of calm and inner peace. Grace is admired and respected by others, and inspires and uplifts.

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“Everyone at Grace Care Consulting is dedicated to supporting their employees… this company will support you every step of the way!”

Sherrie A.

“The communication from the entire team is seamless and they have been a pleasure to work with.”

Dawn K.
“I have been an employee of Grace Care Consulting, LLC for nearly 2 ½ years. It has been the most personally enriching and professionally gratifying experience of my life. Grace Care is an organization that is anchored in infectious energy and limitless opportunity.”

Krista A.

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Are you ready to take your healthcare career to the next level? Join our national network of qualified clinicians and support staff today. At Grace Care Consulting, we’re committed to taking care of you.