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The role of this position is to provide administrative and customer care support services on behalf of the end client. CMA dispenses first level response to members and providers through quality interaction and resolution by effectively communicating via phone, email, and end client data systems. In addition, they have the capability to resolve or report any issues utilizing expertise and judgment.
In this role, the responsibilities include supervising Care Management Associates, answering CMA questions, providing training to new CMA employees, monitoring production, performing weekly quality assurance checks, watching for issues including changes in trends of volume and employee retraining opportunities, as well as ensuring that work is completed in an accurate and timely manner and other supervisory duties, as needed.
In this position, the Project Managers oversee the day-to-day operations of assigned projects, guide supervisors/employees as necessary, complete reporting duties, oversee new project kick-off tasks as assigned, maintain relationships with project end client counterparts and identify staffing needs.
In this position, Registered Nurses complete a combination of field and remote work. A portion of the time is spent in member homes completing MDS-HC and various functional assessments. The remainder of the time is spent completing documentation, charting, making follow-up calls and executing processes, utilizing the home office environment.
This position entails care coordination, providing benefit explanation, telephonically completing assessments and completing documentation within a clinical system, while multitasking other applications gathering information to support member needs and care in the home health environment.
In this position, efforts are focused on medical, behavioral, and social determinants of health factors that improve the well-being of individuals, families, and communities. CHW’s are responsible for engaging members and conducting comprehensive assessments that include bio-psychosocial, functional, and behavioral health needs, utilizing motivational interview techniques to help the member identify and understand their intrinsic goals and motivate members to engage in positive behavior changes, collaboratively developing a plan of care base on individual needs, preferences and objectives, educating member on health and wellness information to assist with self-management, identifying community resources based on member needs and collaborating with member to create solutions to overcome barriers to achieve healthcare goals.
In this position, qualified physicians with an MD or DO license, partner with Advanced Practice Clinicians, who are working in senior care settings. The responsibilities include reading and reviewing notes, assessing member charts and collaborating with AP’s on an as needed basis.
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