Many employers dread the hiring process. Not only is it time consuming in itself, it takes up time in their day that could otherwise be spent in a more productive manner. However, hiring is a big part of any employer’s job, and can’t be avoided. From writing clear job descriptions to prioritizing candidate experience, there are many ways to make the hiring process easier. One of the biggest ways is to hire a managed care consultant to do it for you. Competition for top talent is fiercer than ever in many industries, especially healthcare. Here are some tips on how you can find quality candidates and get them in the door faster.

1. Write Clear Job Descriptions

These days, you’ll find many job descriptions are peppered with clichés like “rock stars” and “gurus” – which can sound pretty cool at first glance but not everyone is searching for roles with those keywords. Instead of using buzz words, stick to standard job titles and industry jargon to increase visibility of your open positions. Clear and accurate job descriptions will do all the heavy lifting for you, eventually helping you to land on that “rock star” you really need.

2. Simplify the Application Process

Not seeing as much enthusiasm for the position as you had hoped? It could have to do with a frustrating and time consuming application process. The best way to see if you have a streamlined application process is to test it out yourself. Apply to an open position on your company’s website and take notes on what you encounter. Did it take more than 15 minutes to complete? How many questions were asked? Were you able to complete the application on your phone? About 45 percent of job seekers search for jobs on their mobile devices every day, with 90 percent of them claiming mobile devices play a huge role in their job search process.

Take a long hard look at your current application process and see if there are ways you can tweak it to make it easier on potential candidates to apply for the jobs you need to fill. One of the ways you can do this is to make it more mobile-friendly or incorporating pre-populating features to save time.

3. Be Honest About Requirements

Your job listing should certainly be accurate and comprehensive, but don’t lose the perspective of your candidates in the process. They may view your listing and pass on it, assuming they are not qualified enough for the job when they actually might be. Of course, you can’t ignore essential requirements for the position, but if a less important area of focus is something they are lacking in, like training on a particular piece of machinery, consider training them on the machinery instead of losing them entirely. That is, of course, if they check all your other boxes.

4. Screen Candidates Faster

Screening candidates is arguably the most time-consuming thing about the hiring process; However, it’s also the most important. You could inadvertently be letting the perfect candidate slip from your grasp because you’re overwhelmed by the large volume of applications you’re getting. To prevent this, come up with a candidate profile that you can use as a checklist to screen candidates more quickly.

5. Prioritize Experience

The way you treat potential candidates can make or break who you hire. About 48 percent of job seekers say they have had a negative experience in the past year, with 49 percent of them declining a job offer because of it.

You may understand how important candidate experience is, but you may be struggling with how to prioritize it. Offer candidates a clear timeline for the process, and give them as many updates as possible – even if you ultimately don’t go with them. Just think about it: you would appreciate honesty and transparency if you were on the other end, so be sure to communicate expectations at every step.

6. Focus Your Interviews

The interview process can easily get out of hand if you don’t focus on your objectives and stick to them. Only offer a maximum of three interviews and make sure convenience is at the center of each one. For example, you could hold the initial screening interview on the phone or video call, then invite only your top few candidates for in-person interviews. Not only does this reduce the time to hire, it shows respect for the candidate’s time.

7. Make an Offer

When you know who you want, don’t drag your feet about offering them the position. If you like them, chances are, other employers do too, and you don’t want to lose out to another company just because you waited too long. Have the paperwork ready for them to sign if they accept the position to reduce further delays.

8. Utilize Your Team

Employee referrals can be your best chance of snagging a quality hire. Current employees are the most knowledgeable about your company, your values, and your culture. Use them to your advantage and let them help sell the position for you. To do that, create an employee referral program that rewards staff members to participate. Offer bonuses, prizes, and gift cards when employees refer others to your open positions.

In the end, while there’s no magic solution to hiring quality people faster, at the cornerstone of it all is a qualified recruiter to help you.

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