If you’re in search of a qualified pharmacist for your drug store or pharmacy, you know better than anyone else that time is of the essence. You can’t waste time finding, vetting, and onboarding a healthcare professional when you have a pharmacy to run in the meantime. That’s why a pharmacy staffing agency is so important.

Such an agency can be an invaluable resource to both employers and job seekers within the healthcare industry. Whether you need to fill a temporary or permanent role, you can rely on a pharmacy staffing agency to identify and match you with the ideal candidates for the job. Today we’ll discuss the top seven reasons why pharmacies need recruiters.

1. Access to Large Pool of Healthcare Candidates

Pharmacy staffing firms can help you reduce staffing shortages in your business. Before candidates are even added to the pool, they are fully vetted to ensure their qualifications and skill sets match with the needs of the pharmacy hiring manager. On top of that, recruiters can screen potential candidates from a large data pool, minimizing time spent by managers on recruitment so they can focus on more important responsibilities.

2. Pharmacy Staffing Flexibility

Flexibility is one of the top benefits of working with a pharmacy recruiting firm. They will take the time to understand your unique requirements, what kind of employee you’re looking for, the responsibilities of the role, and more. A good recruiter will go to great lengths to fully understand your pharmacy set-up and what you’re all about so they can find and provide qualified pharmacists and techs who will fit the bill.

Perhaps you want to add extra support during busy seasons. Having a recruiter at the ready with potential candidates can help you hit the ground running exactly when you need it. This flexibility of staffing ensures you can get the right fit at the right time without having to start from square one whenever you need extra help. Pharmacies are then freed up to optimize their staffing levels and prevent understaffing, which can ding employee morale and result in reduced patient care levels.

3. Time Savings

If there’s anything pharmacists need on a daily basis, it’s more time. Outsourcing staffing can help ensure pharmacies have a stable, reliable workforce at any one time to better achieve long-term goals and provide seamless service. When staffing and recruitment is handled by an outside party, pharmacy staff can then focus on their core responsibilities so that the business runs more efficiently. The result? Improved patient outcomes and better customer experiences.

4. Reduced Costs

An experienced pharmacy recruitment firm can help you review and update your staffing approach, resulting in a smarter and faster hiring process. Employee attrition can be very costly, so whenever a pharmacy is able to curb that and customize their search, this saves time and, ultimately, money.

Outsourcing staffing can save money on payroll, as in-house managers don’t have to deal with salaries and taxes for pharmacy technicians or pharmacists. In addition, this partnership can save money on staff turnover that can have negative outcomes such as lost productivity and training expenses.

5. Risk Reduction

There’s a lot of risk that comes with hiring a pharmacy, or any healthcare professional for that matter. Anytime you can mitigate risk, you are doing yourself – and your organization – a favor. Recruiters will pre-screen job seekers so you can tap into a ready supply of reliable, quality candidates that match your specific needs. This also ensures compliance with industry standards and mitigates the high cost that can result from a bad hire. Recruitment agencies are key in building and maintaining a compliant and diverse workforce.

6. Better Employee Morale

Using a pharmacy staffing agency can improve employee morale because the stress involved with finding and hiring a replacement can take a toll on already-taxed employees. When the transition is seamless, employees can focus on their core job responsibilities, which translates to positivity in the workplace and higher job satisfaction overall. When employees enjoy an inclusive company culture that values productivity and accountability, they are more likely to contribute to the pharmacy’s success.

7. Enhanced Employer Brand

It’s important to find the best cultural fit for your pharmacy. Employees make the best brand ambassadors, and you can foster that by ensuring a positive experience for candidates and existing pharmacy employees. With a recruiter behind the scenes taking care of all the details, pharmacies can then prioritize patient care and staff communication, resulting in an enhanced employer brand image that gives you a competitive edge.

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