Whether you are a hospital administrator, nursing home director, hospice care provider, or pharmacy owner, you may find yourself in need of qualified help at some point. From staffing to quality improvements, you will need qualified advice and guidance. When that happens, you may not know where to turn. How can you know you’re hiring the best healthcare consulting agency for your needs?

Here are some tips to guide you.

Ensure Broad Range of Industry Insight

Because healthcare is such a broad term and encompasses so many sectors, it’s critical to choose a healthcare consultant that knows your specific industry inside and out. Not all healthcare consultants specialize in the same areas. Some focus on one or two, while others serve a broad range of industries.

The best firm for you will be one that can demonstrate their knowledge and insight for your specific industry in different ways. They should be able to show that they have experience measuring their impact on their client base while tracking trends in the healthcare industry. Consultants that understand their sector will continually monitor and measure those trends to ensure best practices.

Ask how they will demonstrate their credibility and insight, and then ask their clients about the consultant’s ability to deliver. Look into their track record of achievements and evidence of strong thought leadership over many years.


Niche firms are more and more being sought out for their specialty focus – something that is a requirement these days in the healthcare sector due to its sheer vastness. It’s important to work with a healthcare consulting company that can provide a deep understanding of your specific sector. They should be willing to work with you and your team on a regular basis to touch on issues such a patient care, innovative solutions, and quality improvements.

Look for a firm that demonstrates deep domain knowledge in their industry and has the ability to clearly explain complex issues to your team, with clear communication on how to best solve problems. Choose a firm that has experience working with your specific needs, whether that’s oncology or hematology products, pharmaceuticals, community health, or social work.


Ask if the consultant has worked with a company like yours to deliver similar services, and how many years they have been doing that. Because the healthcare consulting industry is a competitive one, you have to narrow your choice down to a firm that offers help with the same size and scope of your organization.

The needs of a small biotech company will be vastly different than a pharmacy or a social services company, for instance.

Because healthcare is a dynamic industry and the chances of your business needs evolving over time being very high, you need to consider the capacity of any given healthcare consulting firm to provide long-term support.


Look into their reputation in the industry. This will take some research on your part, but it’s a step that can’t be skipped. You’ll find many sources of information online, from Google reviews to LinkedIn. Ask colleagues in your industry who they recommend when it comes to healthcare consulting firms they have used in the past.

Conduct a comprehensive online search, focusing on healthcare consultants that not only have expertise in your specific area of interest, but also the track record and client testimonials to back it all up. No one will recommend a company they found to offer poor quality services. It’s your job to mine the results you get and sift through the companies until the right one emerges.

Look for firms that have achieved measurable results working with businesses similar to yours.

Finally, consider geographical presence, as you ideally want to partner with a firm that understands and has a deep knowledge of the local healthcare landscape.

Consistent Results

Any healthcare consulting firm you choose should have a history of delivering consistent results. This is critical to building trust, as inconsistency and high turnover rates lead to poor service quality.

In the end, selecting the right healthcare consultant can seem overwhelming and daunting. After all, there are many factors to consider and many firms to choose from. But doing your homework is important in making the best decision for your needs, budget, and company.

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