Recruitment is often a big challenge for healthcare organizations. It takes a lot of time and resources to find and attract top talent, and for that reason it’s important to have a trusted managed care consultant in your corner.

Are you having trouble gaining access to qualified clinicians and support staff? Do you continually hit the same stumbling blocks when you have an urgent hiring need? Today we will discuss some tips on how to improve your hiring and recruitment process.

Generate Awareness

To go about this, you need to show people they are interested in a job they may not have even known about or have previously considered. In short: sell the job as a career. In other words, let them know that the job may act as a stepping stone to a rewarding long-term healthcare career.

  • Create experiences for candidates and students to witness hands-on what the job would be like for them, such as with internships, shadow days, and temporary job placements.

  • Attend career fairs and networking events: Generate excitement for open jobs at your practice by highlighting the benefits.

  • Create shareable content that centers around “a day in the life of” one of your open positions. This content could take the form of videos, blogs, and social posts, and can provide potential candidates with a better understanding of what the role would entail above and beyond what’s just outlined in the listing.

  • Keep in touch with recruiters and career counselors: Inform them of what you need, even if you don’t have an immediate need in a particular area right now. You never know what the future holds.

Promote Pay, Benefits, and Culture

This is where you can really get them interested in what you have to offer. Show them in no uncertain terms why they should work for you (#1) and why they should stay (#2). Your focus should be on creating a culture that people strive to be included in, couched in a job that speaks to their worth. Be clear about the features that make you an attractive option, whether that’s with a competitive salary and benefits package, unique training opportunities, remote work, flex hours, or additional vacation time.

It’s not always about the money. If you can’t offer the top salary numbers, ask what it would take for them to say yes. Often times, it’s as simple as flexible hours, more time off, or money towards a class to further their education.

Be Honest About Requirements

While you want to ensure your job listing is accurate and comprehensive, think about the candidates’ perspective first. They may look at that perfect listing and assume they’re not qualified for the job when they actually are. Some requirements are essential, of course. But if there’s an area they are lacking in, such as training on a specific piece of machinery, yet they check all your other boxes, perhaps you could provide training instead rather than lose them entirely. This way, that potential candidate who may have walked away assuming they didn’t hold the right skills could be honed into your perfect employee.

Become a Part of Their Career Conversations

Putting out listings online is surely a great way to let people know what you need, but it’s certainly not the only one. It’s important, especially in this industry, to meet candidates where they are, rather than expect them to come to you. Jump right into their career conversations by attending:

  • The latest industry conferences.
  • The local college where students are enrolled in classes pertaining to your field.
  • New high school programs for kids interested in a medical career.
  • Career events and work fairs.
  • Social platforms and discussions.

This doesn’t mean you’ll find the perfect candidate right then and there, but when you make the effort to work within the community, people will reach out to you when the timing is right.

Get Help

Any healthcare consulting firm you choose should have a history of delivering consistent results. This is critical to building trust, as inconsistency and high turnover rates lead to poor service quality.

In the end, selecting the right healthcare consultant can seem overwhelming and daunting. After all, there are many factors to consider and many firms to choose from. But doing your homework is important in making the best decision for your needs, budget, and company.

Let Grace Care Consulting Help With Your Recruitment Process

Here at Grace Care Consulting, we can put you in touch with qualified clinicians and support staff – fast – when you need it most. Our extensive national network of healthcare professionals includes registered nurses, community healthcare workers, pharmacists, social workers, physicians, and non-clinical support. To that end, we can connect you with the top talent that you need, right now. To get started, complete our online form or call us anytime.